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As Easy As ABC...

A is for anxiety

Even the bravest child gets first day at school jitters. Minimise clinging to the leg moments with these tips.

  • Make sure first-timers have practised undoing and doing up their uniform and changing in and out of their PE kit during the summer holidays.
  • Encourage your child to learn a few classmates’ names in the early days. It builds confidence and helps them make friends.
  • Make sure your child knows where to meet you after school and be there no matter what. Give them a backup plan in case you are held up.
  • Write children a short note and put it in their pocket, or give them a photo of a happy family memory. They can sneak a peek after you’ve gone if they need a boost.
  • Play schools and practice getting into a routine before the big day so they know what to expect.

B is for (lunch) boxing clever

  • Copy branded lunchbox ideas – do your own mini pots of cream cheese and veg sticks or bread sticks.
  • Invest in fun cartoon-branded lunchboxes and funky flasks to rival supermarket marketing ploys.
  • Get creative and let kids help make lunchboxes staples at weekends – homemade flapjacks or mini pasties with veg and mince leftover from dinner.
  • Check out what classmates eat – kids are more likely to eat what their friends are eating.

C is for cutting time

  • Put the clocks forward by an uneven number; ten minutes is too simple, make it thirteen or seven. The kids will get a move on and you’ll have a built-in buffer for the inevitable traffic.
  • Make sure you’re washed and dressed before nagging the kids; lead by example!
  • Get them dressed before breakfast and keep toothbrushes downstairs. No more endless trips upstairs; move in one direction only – towards the door.
  • Use aprons to avoid breakfast-on-uniform disasters.
  • Keep a stash of snack bars, drink cartons and fruit in the glove box for emergency ‘I forgot my lunchbox’ situations.
  • Use incentives and rewards – good behaviour in the morning earns a treat in the evening.

Good Luck at your new school from us all here at Grays


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